Romanichal Gypsies

I found some interesting info on the Romanichal nomad tribe that originated from Great Britain. They were known for their great care and work with horses. These are the people that Honey encounters, calling themselves the Stanleys.

The Wikipedia page on the Romanichal is very interesting. I noted these excerpts in particular:

European countries forced the further transport of the Romani of Britain to the Americas. Many times those deported in this manner did not survive as an ethnic group, because of the separations after the round up, the sea passage and the subsequent settlement as slaves, all destroying their social fabric.

^This reminds me of when Mr. Stanley refers to himself as “colored” and being treated unfairly.

Many, but not all, Romanichals are noted for a fairer phenotype than that of other Romani groups in Europe. Lighter-skinned Romani are not uncommon,[12] and a light phenotype, including individuals with blond hair and blue eyes, can also be seen in established Eastern European Roma communities.[12]

^And this gives an interesting perspective to why Honey is so perplexed as to how these white-looking people see themselves as “other” in Europe.

Finally, a Romanichal family in London in the late 1880s and a Romanichal man… just being swoonworthy for no good reason.